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Flash Card Summaries of Our Key Beliefs 

(We Call Them Our "First Principles")

Baptism Flash Card Summary of Bible Teaching
The Devil and Satan First Principle Christianity Flash CardFirst Principle Christianity Flash Card for Faith and Gracw
First Principle Christianity Flash Card for the Fruit of the SpiritFirst Principle Christianity Bible Teaching on the Gifts of the Spirit              

... more flash cards coming soon ...



The Christadelphians are a Christian Community of believers, whose understanding is that most other Christian Denominations are largely astray from Basic and Fundamental Bible teachings concerning both our Faith and Hope, to some extent or other, particularly on the following clear Bible teachings:

What Are The First Principles? Part 1

  The Apostolic Statement of Faith

1. The Bible:
The Bible is the Word of God, directly inspired by Him in all its parts. It is powerful to instruct man in righteousness, and to accomplish God’s purpose in those who believe.

2. God: There is only one God, the Father, who created all things. He is the Eternal King, all-wise and all-powerful. He has a definite plan which He will bring to pass by His mighty power. He desires that man might seek Him and be saved.

3. The Holy Spirit: The Holy Spirit is the power of God, the means by which He carries out His will. It is not a distinct “god” or “person”, but is part of the Father Himself.

4. Jesus, the Son of God: God — in accordance with His eternal plan, and in His goodness and kindness and grace — manifested Himself through a Son. Jesus of Nazareth is that unique and holy Son of God, begotten of the virgin Mary by the power of God, without a human father. He is not the second person of a “trinity” of “gods”, and he had no pre-human existence except in the mind and purpose of his Father.

5. Jesus, the Man: Although he was the Son of God, Jesus was also truly and altogether a man; he shared our mortal nature, with all its sorrows and griefs.

6. Sin and Death: The first man was Adam, who disobeyed God and was condemned by Him. Adam was responsible for bringing sin and death into the world.

7. The “Soul”: There is no consciousness or other existence in death. The “soul” simply means the body, mind, or life; it is not immortal. Souls die.

8. “Hell”: “Hell” means the grave, or absolute destruction. There is no eternal torture for the wicked. The wages of sin is death.

9. The Sacrifice of Christ: Although he was of our weak and sinful nature, Jesus was enabled, through faith in and love for his Father, to overcome all temptation and to live a righteous and sinless life. His crucifixion — accomplished by wicked men but according to God’s plan — was the means by which he was saved, and by which those who believe in him may be saved, from sin and death. God was working in the sacrifice of His Son to express His love and grace and forbearance toward all men — not His wrath against them.

10. The Resurrection of Christ: Because of his perfect righteousness, it was not possible for Jesus to be held by death. God raised him from the dead and glorified him. Later Jesus ascended to heaven.

11. The Mediatorship of Christ: Being exalted to God’s right hand in heaven, Jesus is the only priest and mediator between God and men.

12. The Second Coming of Christ: Christ will remain in heaven until the time for restoring all things, including the kingdom to Israel. Then he will return to the earth in glory — personally and visibly — to fulfill the hope of all true believers.

13. Resurrection: After his return, Jesus will raise many of the dead, the faithful and the unfaithful. He will also send forth his angels to gather them together with the living to the great judgment.

14. Judgment and Reward: The unfaithful will be punished with a second, eternal death. The faithful will be rewarded, by God’s grace, with everlasting life on the earth, receiving glorified and immortal bodies.

15. The Promises to Abraham: The promises made to Abraham, confirmed to Isaac and Jacob, and fulfilled in Jesus Christ, require a literal inheritance in the earth for Christ and all the faithful, who are the spiritual “seed of Abraham”. The righteous do not go to heaven at death.

16. The Promises to David: The promises made to David, and fulfilled in Jesus Christ, require Jesus to sit on David’s throne and rule over God’s Kingdom, which is the kingdom of Israel restored. Jerusalem will be the capital of this kingdom.

17. The Kingdom of God: Jesus will be assisted by his immortal brothers and sisters in ruling over the mortal peoples in the Kingdom of God. This kingdom will result in everlasting righteousness, happiness, and peace. Finally all sin and death will be removed, and the earth will at last be filled with the glory of God. The earth will not be literally burned up or destroyed.

18. The “Devil”: The “devil” is another name for sin in human nature; it is not a separate supernatural being or fallen angel. Christ overcame this “devil” in himself by defeating the tendencies to sin in his own nature. Therefore he can provide us with a covering for our sins.

19. “Satan” and “Demons”: “Satan” is a Hebrew word which means an adversary; it is used about people and circumstances which oppose God’s will. “Devils” (Greek “demons”) are not agents of any supernatural “devil” or “god” of evil. In New Testament times, people who had mental illnesses or disorders were referred to as having “demons”.

20. Justification by Faith: Man can obtain justification, or righteousness, only by the grace and mercy of God, through faith in Christ. Man cannot save himself by his own works alone, no matter how good or numerous.

21. Baptism: There is only one true gospel, which cannot be altered. Belief of this gospel, true repentance, and baptism (total immersion in water) are essential for salvation. In baptism we turn to God, our sins are forgiven, we become heirs of the promises to Abraham and his spiritual “seed”, we identify with Christ in his life and death, and we are born again in him. The sprinkling of babies is not true Scriptural baptism.

22. The One Body: Those who believe the gospel and are baptized into Christ become “brethren in Christ”, without regard to nationality. They also become a part of the “one body”, with Christ as their head. God calls them His children, and they become partakers of His grace and love.

23. The Breaking of Bread: The breaking of bread and drinking of wine, in remembrance of Jesus, was instituted by him for his true followers. It is a means of affirming their status as members of the “one body” of Christ. It is a commandment to be obeyed whenever possible.

24. The Jews: The Jews are God’s chosen people. Though scattered because of disobedience, they will be purified (after repentance and faith), regathered, and made ready for the coming of the Messiah.

25. The Commandments of Christ: All those who believe these teachings should strive also to live godly, Christ-like lives. This involves the keeping of Christ’s commandments, and separateness from the affairs of this world, including its politics and police and military service. The commandments of Christ, including those of his apostles, are therefore an important part of any Statement of Faith.

What Are The First Principles? Part 2

An Early Christadelphian Statement of Faith

What follows is an exact reproduction of the original “Synopsis of the One Faith Taught by the Apostles”, composed by Dr. John Thomas in 1867.

This synopsis was later referred to by Brother Thomas himself as “a definition of the one faith and the one obedience...the definer’s creed...what he believes and holds as the truth as it is in Jesus.” He seems to have followed the pattern of the Apostles’ Creed, reflecting the brevity and simplicity of that document, while amplifying a few items.

This statement has been adopted by some Christadelphian ecclesias, and is still in use today in certain quarters.

  • One God, inhabiting light unapproachable, yet everywhere present by universal spirit (irradiant from Himself) revealed to Israel and manifested in
  • Jesus of Nazareth, a mortal man, who was
  • Born of Mary, by the Holy Spirit, and thus constituted the Son of God;
  • He was put to death as a “sin offering”;
  • Exalted to the heavens “until the restitution of all things”,
  • Thus confirming the Promises made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; and
  • The Covenant made with David, which have realization in
  • The Second (personal) Coming of Jesus to the earth;
  • The Resurrection and Judgment of the whole household of God (just and unjust);
  • The bestowal of Immortality on those who are found worthy, and appointed rulers in His kingdom;
  • The condemnation of the unworthy, to the second death;
  • The enthronement of Jesus Christ, the King of the Jews, and of the whole earth;
  • The establishment of the Kingdom of God (the kingdom of Israel), in the Holy Land;
  • Involving the restoration of the Jews from dispersion;
  • The destruction of the Devil and his works, scripturally understood as sin and the lusts of the flesh, in every mode of manifestation, and
  • The subjugation of all kingdoms and republics on earth.
  • The kingdom, in its mediatorial phase, will last one thousand years, and will destroy “all enemies”, including death itself.
  • The human race is essentially mortal, under the law of sin and death.
  • Jesus, the Christ, through death and resurrection, brought immortality to light.
  • Salvation is attainable only by the belief of the things concerning the Kingdom of God and the Name of Jesus Christ; and
  • Baptism (i.e., immersion) in water, for a union with that Name.
  • It is necessary to believe the Old Testament in order to have a correct New Testament faith.


For those in the UK...


Find your local Christadelphian Ecclesia

The Bible Magazine - Bible Prophecy about Israel, Gaza, Palestine, Russia and Ukraine


Bible Truth and Prophecy YouTube Channel run by Rugby Christadelphians



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טשריסטאַדעלפיאַנס ביסט קהל פון ביבל-גלויביק קריסטן ווער פילן אַז די וואַסט מערהייַט פון קהילות און דינאָמאַניישאַנז לערנען און פּריידיקן דאָקטרינעס אַז ביסט נישט אין לויט מיט גאָט וואָרט ...
אויב איר וואָלט ווי ווייַטער אינפֿאָרמאַציע וועגן וואָס מיר גלויבן און וואָס, ביטע קאָנטאַקט אונדז ...



Life's BIG Questions
Life's Big Questions

An Introduction to Our Beliefs

Christadelphians - a Bible Believing People

God Saves 


Christadelphian Beliefs  

A Christadelphian is a member of the Christadelphian community. 

Christadelphians are an Independent Christian denomination that begun  in 19th Century.

The word Christadelphian is Anglicised Greek for "Brethren
(modern usage: Brothers and Sisters, Siblings) in Christ."

This name was coined in order to be granted Conscientious Objection status for its members, who are both Conscientious Objectors to War and Fighting and Fighting Court Battles, as well as Pacifists, except in limited and necessary self-defence of themselves or their families.

Christadelphians believe that their understanding of the core beliefs
(First Principles) of Christianity is the nearest to Bible Truth and that they teach and preach the True Gospel according to the New Testament and teach and preach the Real Christ as revealed in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

The vast majority of Christadelphians are based in the UK, but there are now approximately 60,000 Worldwide.

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      • Bede - Excellent Christian apologetics, with a particular emphasis on Christianity and science
      • Christian Think Tank - Well rearched, well reasoned, updated regularly (download the entire site here)
      • Christian Cadre - A portal to many high quality Christian apologetic sites 
      • Scientus - The Church and Science: Conflict or Complement


A wide range of resources

A meeting place for Bible students offering Studies, Exhortations, Books.

Based in Australia and covers south and east Asia and the Pacific.

Produced by the South East Queensland Christadelphians

Internet edition of this quarterly magazine.

Wordsearches, Quizzes, Crosswords, Colouring.

Bookings, List of Campaigns & related events.

Split into South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales & Victoria.

This site targets various needs in the Christadelphian community.

Australian based music & art for Christadelphians.

The UK organisation for overseas preaching.

Carribean, Latin America and North America and the Truth Corps Program.

Venue - Harper Adams College: Newport, Shropshire.

The major provider of nursing and residential care within the Brotherhood in the UK.

Worldwide distribution of Exhortations, Bible studies, Lectures, Sunday School lessons, Braille, Correspondence and Newsletter.

The Christadelphian Magazine & book shop.

A 26 lesson correspondence course that covers the whole story of the Bible, suitable for personal or ecclesial preaching. 
Contact: Bro. Nathan Walker

Youth magazine published 3 times a year.

A monthly magazine to encourage study of the Bible as God's inspired message.

Held at the High Leigh Christian Conference Centre, started nearly 50 years ago with the aim of promoting a dyanamic approach to witnessing for Christ.

This site is for Christadelphians who home-school or are interested in finding out more about Christadelphian schooling.

Here you will find musical accompaniments that you can download for use with hymns in the Green Christadelphan Hymn Book.

We would like to help you answer life's really important questions that affect you and your long term future.

Read yourself rich with Biblical Bboks that become friends for life.

MaD’s mission is to share the blessings we receive from God with those who are in real need in the less developed parts of the world.

Published annually in February, looking at the events of the past year in the light of Bible prophecy.

The music we promote and distribute is chosen and performed by Christadelphian brothers, sisters and young people.

Details of performances and recordings.

To assist efforts to share God's word with others.

Objective is to provide Bible Lessons in various languages to children overseas.

non-profit publisher and distributor, based in Adelaide, Australia. Publishing and selling scriptural books and other Bible study helps throughout the English speaking world.

Set up "to encourage sisters in their Biblical role".

The CSSA provides materials and services to Sunday Schools and families for children and adults.

The CSSU produces resources for Sunday School teachers and Youth Leaders. It also publishes magazines for children and young people and arranges an Annual Gathering for teachers and youth leaders.

The CSN bringins together those in need and seeking help, and the skills and experience of brothers and sisters.

Details, pictures & online booking for the May & October Gatherings.

"For the study and defence of the holy Scripture"

We want to show that there are good reasons why you should consider looking at the Bible

A comprehensive preaching website.

The website of the Christadelphian Tidings Magazine.

"Serving the Household of Faith".



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A Christadelphian is a member of the Christadelphian community. Christadelphians are a Christian denomination/sect that begun in 19th Century. The word Christadelphian is Anglicised Greek for "Brethren (Brothers and Sisters) or Siblings in Christ." The name was coined in order to be granted Conscientious Objection status for its members, who are both Conscientious Objectors to War and Fighting and Fighting Court Battles, as well as Pacifists, except in limited and necessary self-defence of themselves or their families. Christadelphians believe that their understanding of the core beliefs (First Principles) of Christianity is the nearest to Bible Truth and that they teach and preach the True Gospel according to the New Testament and teach and preach the Real Christ as revealed in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. The vast majority of Christadelphians are based in the UK and there are approximately 60,000 Baptised Christadelphians in about 1,000 Ecclesias Worldwide.


"Faith, Hope and Love -
the Greatest of these is Love"